School Demo Team

  1. No coaching or instruction from coaches allowed during the demonstration.
    Master/coaches/instructors can assist with music.
  2. All demo team participants (Any age)
    • ALL team members must be students that are currently enrolled members of your local school.
    • All team members must participate in an individual event.
  3. Number of team participants
    • Minimum number of team competitors is 10.
    • Maximum number of team competitors is 30.
  4. Time permitted
    • One minute to set up.
    • Six minutes for demonstration.
  5. Technical requirements
    • Creative poomsae movement
    • Board breaking
    • Self defense
  6. Miscellaneous
    • Equipment and costumes can be chosen by the school demo team.
    • Any weapons used must be imitations.
    • No confetti , spark powder or fire cracker of any kind
  7. Scoring based on:
    • Team spirit
    • Originality
    • Organization of set-up and performance
    • Technical requirements
    • Deductions for exceeding the 6 minute time limit will be assessed.
  8. The top four school demo teams will be competing for individual medals and the following prizes for their sponsoring schools:
    • 1st Place -- $2000
    • 2nd Place -- $1000
    • 3rd Place -- $500
    • 3rd Place -- $500
  9. Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in a disqualification.