Competition Rules

General Rules

The World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WT) rules and regulations will govern these championships for poomsae, breaking and sparring competitions. The organizing committee reserves the right to adopt changes as they deem necessary.

  1. Competitors participating in individual events must wear a standard, white, V-neck uniform in good condition. Black trim around the collar is allowed only for poom/black belts.
  2. All World Class (Elite) Sparring competitors must weigh-in on Friday during the designated times.
  3. Competitors must provide their own safety/sparring equipment.
  4. World Class (Elite) Sparring competitors will be provided with KP&P chest guard and helmet. You will need to provide your own foot protectors. They will be made available for purchase at the tournament.
  5. Competitors will be grouped according to gender, age, belt, and weight.
  6. Individual awards for spirit, poomsae, breaking and sparring:
    1. One 1st Place
    2. One 2nd Place
    3. Two 3rd Places

Coaching Requirements

  1. Eligibility
    • Must be 16 years of age or older AND a current taekwondo student, instructor, or master.
    • World Class Division Coaches must wear a suit while coaching on the floor.
    • Must attend the Friday morning coaches meeting at the tournament location.
  2. Coaches will not be permitted on the competition floor without proper credentials.